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Our Goal

ACCA's mandate is to increase the presence of Black contractors in the Canadian construction industry with the principle of Talented-Respectable-Unified-Skilled-Trades, TRUST. Our ethics and strategies integrate this mandate through four methods that we’ve recognized as the pillars of ACCA to achieve inclusiveness.

Through our education, training and exclusive resources we actively:


  • Identify Black owned construction companies and assess their needs and capacity.

  • Aggregate information and resources to facilitate their growth.

  • Serve as a platform for Black contractors to collectively develop long-term plans for our position within the industry, and lobby government agencies as required.

  • Become a repository of qualified general contractors and subcontractors for project owners and constructor's intent on fulfilling social procurement obligations.

Our Team

The Afro Canadian Contractors Association (ACCA) was founded by six business owners who specialize in their individual trades that share the same passion of building an inclusive construction industry. Through their common passion, they continue to be the driving force of ACCA. 

This was a direct response to the trend in public purchasing departments towards social procurement on large infrastructure projects. This trend does not reflect voluntary actions but is the result of efforts made by community organizations to hold government accountable for diversity and inclusion on construction projects.

Meet The Team

Sephton Spence..png

Sephton Spence

Vice-President at ACCA

(Owner of Kubbie Construction)

Meet Sephton Spence! Vice-President and one of the founders of ACCA. Sephton is also CEO of Freeman Estate: A Eco-Conscious Luxury Living in St. Lucia. In addition, the CEO of Kubbie Construction with 30 years of specializing in building and remodeling residential, commercial properties and custom-built homes and CEO of EmpowHer: The first school in the Caribbean for women in trades.He sits on numerous boards and a part of 3 different black community programs. 

Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay

Director of Training & Development at ACCA

Meet Michael Lindsay! Director of Training & Development at ACCA. Michael is a P.Eng., a professional engineer registered in the province of Ontario, and brings over 40 years of construction industry experience to ACCA. He is a CPA-CMA, a chartered professional accountant, and holds a Master of Law Degree from Osgoode Hall, York University. He was the president of Lindsay Construction and Engineering Ltd., a general contracting company providing construction services to private and public clients in the ICI, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sector of the construction industry. 

Evan McLaughlin..png

Evan McLaughlin

Director of Strategic Partnerships at ACCA

(Owner of Column and Joist Brokerage and Consulting Inc.)

Meet Evan Mclaughlin! New Director of Strategic Partnerships at ACCA and owner of Column and Joist Inc. He has 30 years experience in construction and is also the President of Shelter Home Life, a not for profit geared towards building affordable housing and repairing homes for those in financial crisis, while providing training for marginalized youth in the skilled trades. 

Kara Morgan..png

Kara Morgan

Director of Operations at ACCA

(Owner of PlantIt Efficiency Solutions)

Meet Kara Morgan! New Director of Operations & Secretary at ACCA and owner of PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions™a boutique consultancy that provides efficiency products and services to growth-oriented service providers. Her company helps solopreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups increase productivity and reduce operating cost through automation and simplified workflows. She has been in the industry for 6 years. 

Stephen Callender..png

Stephen Callender

President at ACCA

(Owner of  Bass Installation)

Meet Stephen Callender! President and of the founder of ACCA. Stephen is also President of Bass Installation, a unionized construction company which specializes in the installation of glass and curtain wall panels on skyscrapers. In addition, he is a Board Member on TCBN and has been in the industry for 40+ years.

Brian Smith..png

Brian Smith

Director of Outreach at ACCA

(Owner of Hummingbird Electric Inc.)

Meet Brian Smith! Director of Outreach and one of our founders at ACCA. Brian is also President of Hummingbird Electric Inc. He is an experienced Master Licensed electrical contractor with over 45 years in the industry.

George Lloyd..png

George Lloyd

Director of Services at ACCA

(Owner of Lloyd HVAC Services)

Meet George Lloyd! Director of Services and one of the founders at ACCA. George is also President and one of the owners of Lloyd HVAC Services Inc. He served in the Canadian Armed forces reserve for 22 years  and has been with ACCA since the beginning.